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  • Arcore Atelier - Torino

  • Rotary Jazz School - Vittoria

  • Liceo Musicale, Modica - 2010


A Traveling School Project

Participants in our workshops write


Diana NorbiatoEsperienza di grande spessore culturale, musicale, pedagogico, didattico e metodologico ! Non esagero, una full immersion che permette di vedere i propri alunni con molteplici sguardi altri...e ridona energia agli insegnanti! Grazie

...questa esperienza è davvero un’esperienza per tutti, nessuno escluso. Grande risalto, infatti, ha avuto il valore gruppale, lo stare bene insieme, il ricreare un’armonia, una vibrazione dove inserirci tra i due opposti di “tensione” e “risoluzione”....Credo che l’esperienza vissuta con voi sia davvero inpagabile!
-Rossella Beltrame Relazione attività laboratoriale CSAS2 Padova 9/28/15


"Voçês forom únicos a retornar-me a voz.Em fazer-me ver os espectáculo que resulta do compartirlhar tudo com uma generosidade, alegria e profesionalidade incriveis.

Berta Santiago, 06/20/2015 on FB 

"Participating in the Traveling School's PlayJazz Workshop in conjunction with the Sa Pobla Jazz Festival in August 2013 was a phenomenal experience that far exceeded my expectations. The opportunity to learn from, and make music with, and hang out with so many highly qualified teachers and student musicians was wonderful. Everyone was very friendly and open and giving. And even though my language skills are very limited, I had no trouble interacting with all of the international teachers and students. (Certainly my ability to understand the universal language of music improved!) The material covered in the workshops was deep and broad and has provided me with copious material to study and review and internalize, and I am confident it will help make me a better musician. And besides all the wonderful classes, I felt blessed to be able to experience several moments of pure bliss, where I wasn't learning, or studying, or practicing, or struggling - I was simply making music and connecting at a very deep level with the music, my instrument and my fellow musicians. This workshop was a wonderful joy and I hope to return again and again!"

- Harry Wolfson, August 2013, Boston, MA, USA

"Lilli le cose speciali nascono spesso con le persone speciali, se mai noi lo fossimo lo siete anche voi, prima persone e poi insegnanti...Siete stati in grado di far emergere le parti più profonde e fragili, è stato tutto emotivamente forte e unico...Che la musica possa continuare a diffondersi in noi, in voi e in tutti quelli che credono nella magia di questo splendido susseguirsi dinote..A presto"
- Erika La Fauci, September 10/2013. Italy


"Wonderful opportunity for people of all ages! My 15th year old son loved it last year and my 62 year old musician husband wants to participate this summer in Mallorca! An experience that should not be missed!"

 - Parizad Dejbord Akron, 05/23/2013, Ohio



"Heiiii!!! Thanks so much for this blog, it is beautiful, and I hope little by little we can get more and more people to join the fantastic project you have.
Thanks Travelling school, meaning always a lot to me. Un abrazo fierce!"

- Marga, 09/10/2012, Mallorca, Spain


"Can you review a jazz seminar? What about the experience of spending a whole week of August in the Balearic island of Majorca playing and and listening  MUSIC, and  enjoying the SEA!! After a full morning workshop session... you can just wear your bathing suit and go to the beach...:) this can be misunderstood as a holiday organized by a travel agency!! Sa Pobla is 20 minutes drive from the wonderful Majorcan beaches and its location is great for conducting a very well organized jazz workshop, which is not only part of a holiday, but a "journey" as well and such an experience of knowledge of the people and the territory, sharing and playing together with the professionals and  also with the "boy" of the town band. We participate to a workshop where the "teachers" are rather "facilitators"in a pure socratic spirit. This is special seminar-journey that you yourself take part as co-creator.  In summary an exemplary life experience in a beautiful environment of humanity, and (also) of beaches and sea ...
My girlfriend and I cannot miss this rare opportunity and gladly participate every year since the second edition of the Workshop in 2008."

 - Enzo e Federica, 18/8/2012, Torino, Italy


"Hola Jimmy: Yo valoro muy positivamente el trabajo que estais haciendo con vuestros cursos.
Empecé el primer año en que vinisteis por primera vez a sa Pobla y, no he faltado en ninguno. Solo puedo decir que he aprendido muchas cosas y buenas. La experiencia de tocar con gente a quien no conoces y el compañerismo que vas ganando dia a dia mientras dura el seminario, es muy gratificante; además me ayuda a tener mas confianza en mi mismo y perder el miedo a no estar a la altura de los demás componentes del combo.
Puede que un año me haya gustado más que otro, pero siempre ha sido una experiencia más para aprender.
Personalmente, te diria que siempre me ha gustado más trabajar en tus combos y los de Toni Miranda. Esto no quiere decir que no me hayan gustado los demás profesores.  Mi hermano y yo esperamos ansiosos vuestra próxima visita a sa Pobla 
Un fuerte abrazo y hasta pronto"

- Pedro Marce, 02/05/2011, Sa Pobla Mallorca