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  • Seminario Festival JazzCádiz

  • Arcore Atelier - Torino

  • Rotary Jazz School - Vittoria

  • Liceo Musicale, Modica - 2010


A Traveling School Project



The concept behind these workshops is to inspire musicians to use their imagination and creativity to explore the possibilities of improvisation in a unique and holistic setting. This means taking part in a workshop where the idea is focused on playing and interacting in a group. The staff's main objective is to encourage participants in a safe creativity environment. An emphasis is placed on forging group unity during a seminar that could last just a single session or up to a 5 days with combos and collective ensembles. Therefore it is the staff's job to custom fit the participants into a dynamic group situation, where their maximum potential can be explored.




DEMONSTRATION/WORKSHOP: 1-1.5 hours for all levels.

  1. Introduction
  2. Explanation
  3. Invocation Exercise
  4. Singing Collective Improvisation
  5. Entire ensemble Performance of ‘The Drone’ (original composition by Weinstein)
  • Optimum number of musicians for the demonstration: 10-15 mixed levels and instrumentation: voice/horns/
     piano/keyboard/strings/guitar/bass/drums/percussion and other 



The underlying concept of Traveling School is to encourage the group to make music as a single entity. The final result is a truly  authentic experience involving all participants. Techniques and exercises are demonstrated while simultaneously constructing a final performance.  Each session can act as an individual masterclass.       

  •  Introduction:Overview of concepts.
  • 1st Session: Safe Creativity Environment (1hr). The session sets the tone for the entire workshop, defining the importance of the group as a whole.
    • a) Invocation/Intonation and harmonic unity, Bonding of the group. 
    • b) The unison of groove and melody. performance using a vehicle
    • c) Application of technique  
  • 2nd Session: Pure Improvisation (1.5 hrs). Liberation from set paradigms, by way of duets and other formats.
    • a) Comping  (standards/free)
    • b) Role inversions
    • c) Detaching oneself from language and getting away from habitual playing.
  • 3rd Session: From The Ground Up (1hr). The idea of blues feeling set into group collectivity. Blues emerging from the earth into the performer.
    • Blues feeling cycle form 
    • Rhythmic drive and melodic invention 
  •  4th Session: Emotional Energy (1.5 hrs). Study of energy and dynamics using a special piece as a catalyst.
    • a) Rehearsal of The Drone by Weinstein
    • b) Textural Cadence
    • c) Melodic Cadence, free improvisation, tension and release
  •  Closing remarks (20 min)
  •  Total time before final concert: approx.  6 hours
  •  Final Concert. 1.5-2 hrs. 


5 DAY WORKSHOP (seminar)

This workshop is offered for intermediate to advanced students and work well in jazz festival settings. Small groups involves combinations that are formed and coached to perform at festival activities. The collective ensembles are larger and perform as a main-stage event at festivals.


5 Day workshop schedule

  •  Combos and Ensembles
    • The idea of a dynamic ensemble is to form groups, where the participants have enough “space” to really experience an inspiring and valuable connection with each other. The groups are dynamic because they move in a direction of musical and emotional interaction . To set up this movement, very simple and open vehicles are employed which could include vamps, one chord blues, fragments, "connecting" exercises, free improvisation, imagery improvisation, rhythm exercises involving physical body movement and listening to examples of recorded music. For repertoire ensembles, players will be organized into groups ranging in size. The staff facilitates by playing with the ensembles and helping to conceptualize repertoire. The idea is to guide the participants, helping them to tap into their own creativity in order to play standard jazz repertoire. The class will also examine various points of view for improv within a conceptual context, i.e., textural and linear concepts within the established jazz repertoire of blues, rhythm changes and show tunes.
  • Final Concert Presentation
    • A very important aspect of our workshops is the final concert presentation. When its possible TS puts on a concert where all the participants including our staff play together. This concert is usually free and open to the public.
  • Facilities and Equipment
    • Performance space for workshops/final concert, extra rehearsal rooms depending on the number of participants, drums, keyboard(s), guitar, bass and keyboard amps. Small mixing board, mics and monitors, cd/tape player, music stands.
    • Additional percussion instruments, when available: Timpani, mallet instruments (vibraphone, marimba, xylophone etc.) bass drum, gongs, miscellaneous latin percussion, extra snare drums.
  • Fees
    • Fees are based on the size of our staff which depends on the number of participants. Basically one staff member is needed for every 10-12 participants. Fees do not include travel and hospitality costs.